Misi Volbeat Pantera Present’s Sobel Nation’s StoneBridge

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Misi Volbeat Pantera proudly welcomes the Grammy nominated Re-mix master StoneBridge as today’s featured artist.

I had the huge honor of interviewing StoneBridge. I spent the past few days studying his musical career extensively and his career is by far one of the most phenomenal I have ever encountered. To give all of you somewhat of a breakdown on his career I will add his biography to the feature so you all can see the depth of who he is musically and what influence he has had on the world of music. His success is ever-present on a daily basis. He has his record label, a show on Sirius XM, countless number one’s on the charts, BMI songwriter of the year, and Grammy nominee. Truly a man with character, passion, and heart for what he does. It is with huge respect and honor that I present to you my personal interview with StoneBridge. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.


Biography for StoneBridge:

Since tapping into the musical mainstream with his remix work for artists such as Taio Cruz, Britney Spears and Missy Elliott, Grammy Award nominated producer and DJ StoneBridge has not slowed down. Taking his unique brand of sexy groove ladled house to crowds throughout the world, his DJ travels have encompassed top bill performances at stages from Australia’s Future Music Festival to Wet Electric Festival California whilst being a regular guest for clubs like London’s Ministry of Sound and Ruby Skye in San Francisco.
Born in Stockholm, StoneBridge’s path in music stretches over 20 years having launched his career by remixing international acts like De La Soul, Titiyo and Rebel MC. However, it was with his remix of Robin S ‘Show Me Love’ in 1993 that solidified his reputation as a world class remixer with the record going on to become one of the biggest selling house records of all time and garnered a BMI best songwriter award 2012 for his contribution on Jason Derulo’s ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’, which sampled StoneBridge’s iconic bass line. This early success stirred up much interested in the Swedish producer’s studio talents and before long he found himself remixing some music’s most iconic artists in Lenny Kravitz, Basement Jaxx, Chic, Robbie Williams, Usher, Simple Minds, Will Smith, Texas, Sia, Patti Labelle, Yoko Ono and Debbie Harry.

His prolific musical output has led to three studio albums. His debut long player came in 2004 with the arrival of ‘Can’t Get Enough’, which garnered international acclaim among clubbers and the world’s music press. The album went on to sell over 60.000 copies and spawned undoubtedly two of StoneBridge’s biggest singles to date; ‘Put ‘Em High’ and ‘Take Me Away’, which both scored UK Top 10 chart positions. Four years later StoneBridge returned to the studio to complete work on his follow up album, titled ‘Music Takes Me’. Filled with the massive hit singles ‘SOS’, ‘You Don’t Know’ and ‘Close To Heaven’ the album drew much praise from his legion of fans. In 2010 StoneBridge released what he regards as “my musical chef d’oeuvre” with his third artist album ‘The Morning After’. The title track and second single from the album ‘Trip’en’ saw StoneBridge maintain his form for success with a slew of DJ and radio support.

Most recently StoneBridge scored a global #1 hit as co-writer of Jason Darulo ’Don’t Wanna Go Home’ and produced world renowned violinist David Garrett’s ‘Bring Me To Life’. Other highlights include his Grammy nominated remix of Ne-Yo ‘Closer’ as well as scoring UK Top 40 hits with remixes on singles like Lily Allen ‘The Fear’, Cruz ‘Dynamite’, Alexandra Burke ‘Start Without You’ and achieving his 11th Billboard Club Chart #1 with his remix of Cole Plante ‘Lie To Me’.

Maximizing his years of knowledge working behind the mixing desk and dealing daily with record label execs and A&R specialists, StoneBridge took it upon himself to launch his own record label, Stoney Boy Music. Using the imprint as a way to not only compliment his busy release schedule but also support the next wave of talented producers. From the get-go the label has achieved an upward rise of success with a slew of white hot releases including early tracks from superstars like Axwell ‘Jazzplayer’ and Robbie Rivera ‘The Ultimate Disco Groove and recently ’WhiteNoize ‘Harder’, AstroShift ft Krista Richards ‘Tonight’, Fridge Magnets ‘Feeling Grows’ and the Beatport #1 StoneBridge & Caroline D’Amore ‘Music Man’.

With his music regularly chalking up playlist support on radio networks such as Radio 1, Kiss FM and Capital, StoneBridge’s presence on the airwaves is a familiar one. This led to StoneBridge hosting his own weekly three-hour mix show on Sirius XM/BPM broadcasting to millions every Saturday throughout North America as well as a weekly guest mix for Hed Kandi Japan.

Moving forward, StoneBridge has been strapped down in the studio of late putting the finishing touches to a string of new beats and remix cuts that he’s confident will excite dancefloors from Berlin to Buenos Aires. Away from his studio space, his DJ diary are consistently littered with numerous global exploits at clubs such as a residency at the legendary Hard Rock Las Vegas, Miami’s Space, Singapore’s Avalon, Detroit’s Bleu, Metropolis in Paris and London’s iconic Pacha and Ministry of Sound. Combine all of this with his radio show, which continues to gather more listeners week on week and the year ahead for StoneBridge’s looks brighter and bolder than any of his illustrious years gone by.



My Interview With StoneBridge:

Melissa Themeli: What do you find most enjoyable in your music career and why?

StoneBridge: It’s a good question and the best way to describe it is the satisfaction of working on a track for a week and then play it out and see people react. That is the fundamental joy, getting feedback on the work you do. This is also why long album projects can be very draining. You hear the music over and over for months and sort of lose perspective.

Melissa Themeli: Where in the world do you find yourself most musically creative?

StoneBridge: Definitely in my studio in Stockholm. I have all my sounds, gear and most importantly, my pimp espresso machine.

Melissa Themeli: What was your initial reaction when you were notified of your Grammy Nomination, and has that nomination enhanced your career ?

StoneBridge: I was checking emails on a tour in Brazil and got a message saying I’m nominated. I told the guys there and they said; well, that’s just hip hop, no biggie so I went along with that. Then my agent demanded to come with me to LA and sitting there next to Morgan Page and Deadmau5, seeing Paul McCartney walking past, it sort of sunk in….quite a big deal. It has given me a stamp of approval, mainly in the US and Canada and I get more bookings because of it.

Melissa Themeli: How do you celebrate when one of your songs hits the number one spot on the charts?

StoneBridge: I get very happy and smile for a bit, then I usually return to the project I was working on. I’m a bit of a workaholic and saying that, I don’t really see this as a job, it’s my passion.

Melissa Themeli: Are there more advantages to being an independent musician in comparison to being mainstream?

StoneBridge: I don’t understand that comparison. Independent can be very commercial, it’s basically just that an independent usually don’t have the funds to make Hollywood style videos. I love being independent mainly because I don’t like being told what I ‘have’ to do. If I feel like making the funkiest track ever, I make it.

Melissa Themeli: You have a very busy schedule, when you aren’t traveling and touring what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

StoneBridge: I love movies and read a lot. I got the whole thing down to art and do my admin on airports, watching films on the flights and read before sleeping. Efficiency is key in this day and age.

Melissa Themeli: You have worked with some huge names in music, is there anyone special that you haven’t worked with that you would like to?

StoneBridge: Very common question and all producers used to have a bucket list and on mine I had Madonna, but the last 5-10 years I have enjoyed finding new talent more. It’s less complicated and much more creative and open.

Melissa Themeli: What are your musical goals for 2014?

StoneBridge: I will focus on less projects and work harder on these. Driven by the general speed of the business, I have released way too many records and some of them were really fantastic, they just needed a bigger push so this is the main change in 2014. I will also care less what people say and follow my gut instinct as it has proven to be the best way before.

Melissa Themeli: What are you most proud of musically?

StoneBridge: There are some key remixes and productions that I love. The Robin S hit gave me a career so that is probably the most important one, but personal favourites include my Sia – The Girl You Lost and Texas – Inner Smile remixes. Shawn Christopher – Make My Love is still one of my favourite productions along with my first artist album, Can’t Get Enough.

Melissa Themeli :What is your favorite song currently?

StoneBridge: I got many for many reasons. I think Stefan Dabruck’s remix of Ivan Gough – Home is absolutely amazing for a club song. At the same time I love Made In Heights – Hors D’ouvre.

Melissa Themeli: Where do you see yourself musically over the next 5 years?

StoneBridge: I will move towards album productions for established artists, much like Quincy Jones, William Orbit and Trevor Horn. Still keeping elements of my club sound, but less restricted and more musical.

Melissa Themeli: Being that you make some of the best music in the world to dance to I guess its only right for me to ask do you dance?

StoneBridge: I do yes, I get so excited when I play out that I’m generally soaked after a set.

Melissa Themeli: Is your record label Stoney Boy Music housing any big names in music right now?

StoneBridge: I have a forthcoming project together with Crystal Waters and the next single is by UK’s Silosonic. Both tracks are really amazing.

Melissa Themeli: What is your opinion of the American music scene in comparison to Europe and Australia or other countries?

StoneBridge: There is no question, the US are now driving the car no matter what Europe is saying. The interest for dance music has never been bigger in the US, well since the disco days. It’s a really good thing as it also refreshed the rest of the world and made dance mainstream in a good sense – money is invested in proper writers, producers and promotion.

Melissa Themeli: When you do your next US tour is Minneapolis on the list?

StoneBridge: I wish as I would love to see the historical Prince territory! I have no idea why I haven’t been booked there as I have been in Detroit and Chicago regular, but hope it will happen this year!

Melissa Themeli: Being that you dress so stylish do you have a stylist select your wardrobe or do you select them yourself?

StoneBridge:I do it myself as I am extremely fuzzy with detail. It’s really black v-neck and jeans, but they gotta be just right.

Melissa Themeli: Is there any thing you’d like to say to your fans in Minneapolis?

StoneBridge: DEMAND that I get booked in your club – that is all.

I hope my questions weren’t too many as I want this to somehow be my best interview of all time. For me I was beyond excited when Barbara Sobel of Sobel Promotions came to me to interview you . These kinds of things are once in a lifetime for me. I am honored beyond words and I thank you immensely for taking the time to answer these. Have a beautiful weekend xoxo Melissa aka Misi pantera \m/

No it was perfect – thank you!!


I would like to thank the following for making this feature and interview with StoneBridge possible:

A huge thank you to Stone, as I said this is a huge honor for me to have had this opportunity and I wish you much success, Barbara Sobel for selecting me to interview and for supporting my writing, my right hand Cari Fransisco, manager Julie Froberg, my husband Edmond Themeli, and you the reader for your continued support of Our City Radio. Thank you !!!

Please Visit The StoneBridge Website At:

StoneBridge Facebook

Amber Miller Is Proud To Present Sobel Nation’s Joe Gillan

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Presenting Sobel Nation’s Joe Gillan

By Amber Miller

Joe “Tuppy” Gillan is a remixer from Sobel Promotions who has remixed such acts as Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band, Massive Ego, Ray Guell and many others. We welcome Joe to Syracuse Our City Radio!


Amber Miller:Hello, Joe. Thank you so much for doing this interview with Syracuse, NY OurCityRadio. You are a Remixer/Producer. What made you want to get into the music business? How long have you been working in music?

Joe Gillan: I have been involved in music for my entire life, but it was mostly in school with choir and band, or private lessons of voice and organ. After working alongside and with producers in the music business at various nightclubs, it was just a natural next step for me. I have done the lights with and alongside these amazing DJs and producers for years, mainly at Hydrate Nightclub in Chicago. When I first started 18 years ago, a local DJ/Producer, Orlando Gonzalez, taught me production and we made a bunch of tracks together. Then, after I had the privilege of actually holding the Grammy award won by Frankie Knuckles, I was determined to at least get a record out. Now, I’ve gotten to produce 21 records that have been released to date. It is incredibly exciting and humbling every single time to not only have a project commissioned, but accepted and released as well.

How has your remixing changed since you started out. Do you feel you have grown?
I am always improving and evolving with every song. The first few were really basic, but not very effective. As I continue, I hope to always make songs that are musically pleasing, creative, and a compliment the original while bringing originality to an arrangement. I have learned from some of the best, like Ralphi Rosario, David Noakes, Chris Cox, Mike Cruz, Paulo and the others I get to work with. They give me little “master” classes. Getting these tips from the masters has helped me to create much better music.

What specifically attracts you to the dance music scene? Do you have interests in producing other genres of music?
Dance music has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my favorites: Donna Summer, Chic, Village People, and the like. Then Erasure, Depeche Mode, and Eurythmics, more electronic and perfectly produced songs appealed to me more than most others. After working in the club scene, dance music took on a whole new life for me. I would break down the tracks musically and attempt to do the lights on the dancefloors to compliment them as perfectly as I could. I haven’t thought as much about other genres yet, but nothing is ever off the table.

You reside in Chicago, Illinois. What is the music scene like in Chicago? Is there a heavy demand for dance music?
The music scene in Chicago will always have a huge following, but it is really split among the various genres and lots of people have no idea about the pioneers of this current EDM scene. The dance scene has just exploded everywhere recently and I for one could not be happier to be a part of it. We do have some incredible people still bringing nights of amazing music to the floors of this city. Of course, the well-known ones, like Frankie, and Ralphi, Michael Serafini, but there are also some other local DJs who play amazing sets that don’t allow me to stop moving, like Harry Cross, Ted Eiel.

You are a classically trained singer. What made you want to pursue this and what did you plan to do with it?
It was mainly for regional and statewide contests while in high school. In order to compete, we had to pick from a list of classical pieces and perform for three judges. You earned points in seven separate categories, and the song had to be sung as closely as the composer intended as written in the music. I was awarded perfect scores two years in a row. I had no plans for classical or opera, but had thought about musical theater briefly after high school.

Does being a classically trained singer give you any advantages in your musical career?
The main advantage it offers is being able to put together music with a basic knowledge of core musical dynamics and language.

Are you a fan of any particular classical pieces? Do you incorporate any of these pieces into your work?
I haven’t really thought about that music in quite some time. I just remember some of the pieces we played in band and how they always made me look at music in a different way with each piece we learned.

You have remixed for The Village People and KC & The Sunshine Band.
What was it like working with such iconic music industry veterans?

It was both an honor, as well as surreal. These are legends, whose music has always been a part of my particular soundtrack. Now, to be a part of their musical catalogues, working for them has been easily the highlight of my musical career so far.

What do you look for in a song that makes you want to remix it?
Previously, I would remix the songs that I liked the most, always already popular but I would want to put my own spin on it. Now, I remix the songs that I have been commissioned to do.

You also have a lucrative career selling Tupperware. How did you get into that? Is it another passion of yours?
I got into Tupperware to become independent from corporate 9 to 5, as well as to earn a company car to drive to my parties, and to my passion: rollercoasters. I had a friend, John Gould, who was able to pay his bills, live in Chicago, and drive a car that they provided. I just thought that was the best of all worlds, so I joined and started doing Tupperware parties to earn my first car. Flash forward 18 years and 14 cars and I have no plans of stopping. It enables me to also work at Hydrate, doing my lights, and making my music for the world to hear.

You produced ‘You Have Rescued Me’ for Carol Hahn. What was it like working with a billboard charting artist?
It was a wonderful experience. First, Carol is an amazing singer, as well as a truly nice person to work with. Knowing she was a Billboard artist, I was a little nervous at first, but the songs were so good to begin with, it was easy to create good music and composition around them.

What do you do to get yourself inspired to remix or produce a project?
I try to listen to the vocal as much as possible, by itself at first. I let the song create itself, to a degree. I try to write all original music or instrumentation. Then I do what I can to create new phrases, new choruses, to extend and compliment the original ideas. After I get done with the main production, it is easier to branch off and make other versions, such as “dub” mixes. Very little of the original, more creative and unique.

Are there any artists you hope to work with in the future?
I haven’t even thought of who I could possibly get the honor of working with in the future. This past year and a half has been a whirlwind. When I get done with one project, there are two more waiting in the wings. It makes my head spin sometimes, but dizzy can be good. I’ll have to give it some thought. Many of my favorite artists are either rock, like David Bowie, or off the beaten path, like Laurie Anderson.

I hear you love to cook. Any particular dish that is your favorite? What kind of
music do you listen to while you are cooking?

Not really. I am always trying new things within the realm of food I can have. Various food allergies and issues have narrowed it down over the years, as well the other things I have eliminated. Lots of creative things with various roasted vegetables, lots of hearty soups. Whatever music I do listen to though has to be loud.

You are currently working with Sobel Promotions. How did you get involved with them?
Barbara Sobel was looking for remixers a while back for several tracks, and I sent a sample of my work. My first official track was for Mike Cruz and Inaya Day, “Never Had Another Love”. I sent it to her, and she got me in with both Henck Conrey, and of course, KC and the Sunshine Band. It has just snowballed since then. She is a tireless crusader for the dance music.

What do you hope to accomplish in your musical career?
I have already accomplished more than I had ever hoped before. I would love to start recording
some of the original songs I’ve written at some point.

Should we be on the lookout for any new projects coming up from you?
I have several I am finishing up now, including the new one for KC. There are a total of six that I have on the burners in various states of writing, so there will definitely be more coming soon.

Are there any other things you would like to add or message you want to get to people?
We often lose sight of the most important things in this world because we get caught up in routine. Try to let go of the anger. Take a step back, breathe, and try to be respectful and kind. It could make a huge difference in a life that you will never know.



Sobel Nation Radio Is Sad To Report Dance Music Legend Dave Tripper From Fusion Radio Chicago Has Passed

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Commentary written by  Barbara Sobel

I am sad to report that Dance Music has lost one of our greatest supporters this morning at4 am.  Dave Grzelak better known to the world as Dave Tripper, age 47 lost his battle with Pneumonia which he developed after three strokes.

I was fortunate enough to have been told by the family in confidence by Dave’s sister a week ago to prepare myself for this date and was told not to say anything.

Dave Tripper was a DJ on Fusion Radio, Chicago.  He retired from the radio, but continued to write and show his humor and give commentary which would put Perez Hilton to shame on his Facebook.   Dave was also considering coming back to work once his voice got better for Our City Radio, and would have been my Dance Music Personality.

Condolences and thoughts go out to the entire Grzelak family as well as the family of Fusion Radio.

>Dave promised me a dance to Village People’s “Let’s Go Back To The Dance Floor” and I plan on holding him to that dance someday.

Sobel Nation Says Get Well Soon To The One & Only Dave Tripper!

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And Yes…. They broke the mold when they made Dave!




Dave Tripper was a former host at Fusion Radio.  He hosted a Friday Night Show entitled “Dave Tripper Live.”  Dave suffered a stroke two weeks ago and was recovering.   However, he recently suffered a second one.

Now, many may be asking why  I am mentioning a DJ who is not on one of the Sobel Nation Radio Stations, and let me tell you why.

Dave Tripper is a friend and a good person.  In this industry, especially the dance industry there is so much drama and cliques it is unreal.  That is why the dance music industry is failing…. because people can’t work together.   Rivalry is more important than the music.   I can say that promoters, artists and DJ’s have said more than once that if people associate with Sobel Nation, then they can’t associate with them.   How  childish.  It reminds me like it was back in the 80′s when one could not like Culture Club and Duran Duran.  But that is the reality of the business.  Nobody has concern about people outside of their cliques, and it isn’t about the music.

Well I am here to say, Dave Tripper, I consider you a friend.   I want you to get better so I can torture you more.  It doesn’t matter who you associate with or what station you are on.   You are one of the good guys…. now get out of that bed and back to work!

For those in the business who know Dave Tripper and want to send him get well wishes, please mail it to Fusion Radio and they will ensure Dave gets it.

Thanks everybody and thanks Fusion Radio for remaining true to your staff, whether they continue to work there or not.  A perfect example of what the business should be.

 Please mail any cards or gifts for Dave to Fusion Radio at:

Fusion Radio
3340 North Clark Street Ste. 215
Chicago, IL, 60657

You Don’t Need To Be A Royal To Support The Blind Cat Rescue!

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Meet Poppy.  The Queen Of The Blind Cat Rescue


Poppy is just one of the many cats who call the Blind Cat Rescue their palace.

Blind Cat Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit life time care sanctuary for blind cats located in St Pauls NC Website: www.blindcatrescue.com email: blindkatrescue@aol.com, We do Not Adopt.

We were started in 2005 to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters and were going to be killed just because they are blind.    In 2011  we built a second shelter to answer the need for a safe place for FEL+ & FIV+ cats that were going to be killed just because they test positive for these viruses.


Our mission is To provide shelters and rescues with blind cats who are not able to find a suitable adoptive home for these animals an alternative to euthanizing them.

Sobel Promotions and Sobel Nation are proud that Blind Cat Rescue is one of our official charities.  

Please visit the Blind Cat Rescue Facebook page at


Introducting The Blind Cat Rescue!

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Sobel Nation Is Proud To Support The Blind Cat Rescue



Sobel Promotions and Sobel Nation Are Proud To Support The Blind Cat Rescue

Blind Cat Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit life time care sanctuary for blind cats located in St Pauls NC Website: www.blindcatrescue.com email: blindkatrescue@aol.com, We do Not Adopt.

We were started in 2005 to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters and were going to be killed just because they are blind.    In 2011  we built a second shelter to answer the need for a safe place for FEL+ & FIV+ cats that were going to be killed just because they test positive for these viruses.



Our mission is To provide shelters and rescues with blind cats who are not able to find a suitable adoptive home for these animals an alternative to euthanizing them.


Rescue Ink Is Trying To Raise Money To Keep Up There Cat Rooms!

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Rescue Ink Is Trying To Raise Money To Keep Up There Cat Rooms!!!

Most of the cats and kittens are housed at Rescue Ink! their entire lives.

Please donate to help keep these cats safe and happy or consider adopting.

Please Donate Now… Use the link below



Sobel Promotions and Sobel Nation is PROUD to be supporting Rescue Ink!

Welcome To The Sobel Nation Family KC & The Sunshine Band!

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Sobel Promotions is proud to present the legendary KC & The Sunshine Band!

We all grew up with KC & The Sunshine Band with songs like “Thats The Way I Like It,” “Boogie Shoes” and “Get Down Tonight.”

Now that everybody is singing, KC has a NEW album coming out which features remixes by Sobel Nation’s Bimbo Jones!

When I made the announcement that KC has joined the family, Sobel Nation remixers Julian Marsh, HiFi Sean, Joel Dickinson and DDei & Estate all said that they would love to remix anything from KC, and KC wanting to keep it in the family agreed, so you will be having the opportunity to remix KC’s new material!

Welcome To The Family KC & The Sunshine Band!

Sing Along With The Videos…. I know You Want To!

“That’s The Way I Like It”


“Boogie Shoes”


“Get Down Tonight”


Are You Ready To Go To Africa With Sobel Nation’s Felipe Rose (The Village People)

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Join Sobel Nation’s Felipe Rose in a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a Safari in Africa!  Space is limited so call now for more information!








Join Sobel Nation’s France Joli on One Voice Radio August 22, 2012 at 8 PM EST

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Join Sobel Nation’s very own France Joli as she joins Kenneth Hieber and our favorite Indian Felipe Rose from the Village People in an exclusive interview on One Voice Radio!

The show will feature France’s smash new single “Hallelujah” as well as her other hits “Gonna Get Over You,” “Come To Me” and “The Heart To Break The Heart”

All part of the Summer on Summer Series “A Tribute To The Late Donna Summer” on One Voice Radio!

Wednesday August 22, 2012 8 PM on Blog Talk Radio!


Video Link – “Hallelujah” (Julian Marsh Mix)


Video Link – “Come To Me”