Amrick Channa (UK)

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London/Kent based Amrick Channa, is a Vocalist and Topline writer in the Soulful/Funky/Electro House music field. His unique and distinctive soulful powerhouse style of singing is courtesy of the various divas he grew up listening to whether its disco or vocal house. A huge influence on his powerhouse singing is his mentor Lisa “Bad Habit” Millett! He has performed to huge audiences over the past few years at Miami WMC in South Beach at Barbara Tucker’s party amongst many others. He has performed live for brands and venues such as Hed Kandi, Stereo Sushi, Ministry of Sound, Pacha London as well countries such as Dubai, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy and Russia! He has hosted parties & been interviewed for Miami Fashion Week TV as well as Russian MTV! Amrick is the original rave kid from back in the day (Dubai Time Out interview). He has a true sense of what House music should encapsulate as he has ridden the crest of the wave from Acid House thru to Funky and soulful and electro and back again! He always gets the crowd rocking in his live performances with his powerful voice! He is also available to bring a DJ with him!


Amrick has recently signed tracks to Richard Grey’s label and also Pacha Recordings Ibiza along with Miss Moneypenny’s UK. He also has tracks signed for release on labels in the USA, UK & Europe. His track with the Cookie Monsterz, which is featured on the Ministry of Sound/Hed Kandi compilation CD – Stereo Sushi Vol.10 gave him huge exposure as a powerful house music vocalist! Amrick’s collaboration with Italy’s Black Legend/Jackie Reverse on the track “In the heat of the night” made it onto Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio One. That track along with Hindu Summer were broadcast on Kiss FM amongst others and were hits all across Europe! His work with Slovenian super DJ Angel Anx was featured in the Top 10 dance hits of the USA DMC Charts! His current release on Pacha Recordings Ibiza has been supported by Roger Sanchez, Danny Rampling, Lewes Dene, Marc Porcelli, amongst many others!


Amrick enjoyed new found success in the UK & European dance charts with his hit “Hindu Summer” which was his collaboration with Manchester’s Jason Herd (of Herd & Fitz). Other collaborations followed with who’s who of House music royalty from Italy’s Black Legend/J-Reverse, US DJ Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), London’s DJD Hydraulic Dogs (Shake it baby), Breakbeat maestro’s Deekline & Wizard. Whilst forthcoming projects include collaborations with the legendary Sandy Rivera (Kings of Tomorrow/Defected), Pete Heller, LAY Records boss DJ Dealer and Paris DJ Kid Massive amongst many others!


Amrick has performed at the Miami Dance Music Conference every year since 2006. He has performed at Pacha London, Ministry of Sound, The Supperclub, London Pride at Trafalgar Square, Cafe de Paris, The White House, The AKA bar, The Tabernacle and Camden’s Electric Ballroom to name but a few. Forthcoming gigs include Miami, Dubai, Russia, Ibiza, Italy, Paris and London. In 2010 Roger Sanchez supported all of Amrick’s releases with different producers and labels, on his Release Yourself Radio show! And Amrick’s track with Angel Anx “who decides” went into the top 10 of the USA DMC Charts!!! He always gets the crowd rocking in live performances! And is available to bring a DJ with him too!

Sammy Sobel (USA)

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Sammy Sobel


Sammy Sobel who is the Vice President of Sobel Nation is the one who keeps the CEO calm during difficult times. The voice of reason, Sammy is often called upon to defuse difficult situations and to restore order during turbulent times.  When a Sobel Nation member wants an opinion you often hear the statement “What will Sammy want, do or think?”

While Barbara Sobel is the head of Sobel Promotions and Sobel Nation, Sammy is the driving force behind the whole company, and the company would not stand without him. He is the one who constantly pushes to expand Sobel Nation, because expansion means more toilet paper rolls for him to destroy.

Sammy is Corona Virus Positive on both titer levels. Corona Virus is the Virus thought to cause FIP a deadly disease in cats for which there is no cure. There is no vaccine or preventative measures that can be taken. 95 % of cats with Corona Virus stay healthy. 5% develop FIP, and it is an automatic death sentence.  Nothing can be done.   Sammy has a very strong strain of the Corona Virus.

Sammy is treated by “The Vet To The Animal Stars” Dr. Wyler at Trylon Vet Care (68-60 Austin Street, Store #8, Forest Hills, NY 11375 – 718-275-1800). Please get your cat tested for Corona Virus. While there is no cure, you can do things to keep your cat’s immune system strong.  Sammy gets well exams every three months, and bloodwork whenever recommended by Dr. Wyler.

Sammy recently was bitten by the recording bug and went into the studio by international DJ – DJDavyC and recorded his first single “Kat Scratch,” a single that left the music community in disbelief.  Never had they heard such a song before.   Sammy is presently in the studio with DJ DavyC working on his follow up single.

France Joli

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France Joli


On July 17, 1979, an unknown, 16-year-old French Canadian female vocalist named France Joli performed her new single Come to Me for the first time before a throng of 5,000 on Fire Island at a benefit now infamously known as Beach 79. Joli left the stage a star and became a media darling who appeared in all the popular publications and on all the hot TV shows of the day. Come to Me became a smash hit that sold 3 million copies globally, rose to number one on disco charts around the world, and reached number 15 on Billboard magazine’s pop chart. Befitting this fairytale, Joli portrayed Cinderella in the 1980 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. More than 32 years following that incredible debut, Joli still performs Come to Me and subsequent hits such as Gonna Get Over You, The Heart to Break the Heart, and Feel Like Dancing on the dance music circuit. Predominantly booked in New York City and Miami, she draws a crowd at every performance. Even those of a younger generation—who may not know her by name—realize they’re fans of Come to Me once they hear Joli’s first few bars. Her new single, a dance cover of Leonard Cohen’s iconic ballad Hallelujah, which Joli produced is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc. The song’s music video—which was shot in the High Desert of Southern California near Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park—is coming soon. Remixes have been done courtesy of Julian Marsh. More are to come.



Matt Alber (USA)

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Matt Alber is a two-time Grammy® Award-winning vocalist and professional singer/songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. He is currently touring his latest solo album, Constant Crows, following a debut at No. 2 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart.

 Alber’s touring career was jumpstarted in 2009 with the release of his first album, Hide Nothing (Tommy Boy Records) and it’s soaringly romantic music video for the single, End Of The World. The video went viral on the internet and won an OUT Music Award and 500K views. Following the groundswell around Alber’s single, OUT Magazine featured him in their OUT 100 which which sparked sold-out concerts nationwide. Alber teamed up with remixer/producer, Saul Ruiz for the first remix of the single which quickly became an underground hit.

Ruiz and Alber’s latest release, a sexy remake of Stevie Nick’s Dreams, topped the Music One chart for 7 straight weeks and caught the attention of Matt Consola at Swishcraft. Consola greenlit a remix EP for the song which features tracks by Saul Ruiz, SpekrFreks, Paul Goodyear and Consola’s own remix. Dreams – The Remixes is due out Spring 2012 on Swishcraft.



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It all started at the age of 11 when Duneflyer started playing the trumpet. His musical taste evolved over time and at 15 he was more interested in DJing with Technics MKII turntables.

He soon integrated analog Synthesizers and analog sampler keyboards for live acts and simple recordings. At 18 he decided that a career in the aeronautical industry would suit him. Duneflyer focused his energy solely on becoming an airline pilot.

He couldn’t escape his love of creating music. He’s been producing his style of progressive Trance and vocal Trance in his studio at home for the past five years. Starting off with Reason, he changed to Ableton Live. Duneflyer currently uses Ableton Live 8.05 and thoroughly loves it. Nexus, Lennar Sylenth 1, Vanguard, Spectratronics Omnisphere and Trilogy, Oxford, Sonic maximizer and BBE, Waves and Isotope Ozone 4 are plug-ins that regularly feature in his work.

While he probably spends more time in his studio than in the flight deck, he’s still an active pilot flying Boeing 777s for a major Middle Eastern airline.

In Sept. 2009, his remix of EricM’s ‘What the Funk’ was released by Aardvark and a deal quickly followed.

Currently, the first single from his new album “Dune Trance” “And There Was Hope” is soaring up the charts.


Xavier Toscano

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Xavier Toscano has had a lifelong love of music. An all-around performer, he is an actor and dancer as well. In addition to his own music videos, he has also appeared as a featured and backup dancer for a number of other artists. As an actor, Xavier has recorded national commercials for Nextel, NASCAR, Sony Playstation, and others. In California, he has been featured in ads for Blue Shield, the California Public Utilities Commission, and others as well. Xavier has also been featured in independent films throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

 Xavier has been majorly influenced by MTV and the multicultural scene of the SF Bay Area, and his music reflects it. His music can be described as enthusiastic,energetic, dance-urban pop. He blends his love of disco, rap, rock, raggae and R&B music with his Latino background. His major music influences include: Madonna, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Timbaland, The Neptunes, and many more.

Inspired to put his love of music into action, Xavier has released two full studio albums, several music videos, and he continues to work with many different artists and collaborators in the San Francisco bay and beyond.

Not content to just stand on the stage and sing, his shows combine his other talents as an actor and dancer to create an act with the flair of theatre and the flash of MTV, all tied together with his energetic pop sound.

Xavier believes that pop music is the soundtrack to our lives. It has the power to carve events in our lives in stone. When you hear a pop song from your past, it has the power to take you back. It brings back memories long faded into sepia back with a colorful pop, allowing the past to be instantly relived. That is why Xavier loves music much. And that is the power he hopes to infuse into his songs.

Sound Apparel (Moscow, Russia)

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When we say Dmitry Bobrowsky it might not sound familiar, but if you’re an avid trance listener, and think of trance as the next level of classical music, then you surely have heard of Sound Apparel.

Born in 1973 on August 24th in Moscow, Russia, Dmitry has shown a great interest towards music ever since his childhood days, where he learned to play accordion and mandolin. He wasnt just reproducing melodies but coming up with his own as well! Time went by, and music was becoming an ever important part of him, “I have been listening and loving music my whole life” says Dmitry, who also has a very wide range of tastes going from classical to heavy metal.

In 1996 he started learning musical theory, but quickly abandoned it as he couldn’t express his feelings the way he imagined it, it just felt that the technological development at that time was still very low. It wasnt until 2008, when he decided to make a comeback and started learning the music synthesis. This time everything was in place! The technological advances were at enough high levels to enabled him to express the emotions, that he always found lacking in every day music.

2010 saw the first releases coming to life with songs “Making End of Heart Tale” and “The Love That Last The Longest Is The Love That Is Never Returned” making instant ripples on the trance scene, proving that the trance music can, and is, the next level of classical music.

We at Pulsar Recordings are thrilled to have discovered Dmitry, which resulted in signing him on the label immediately! It was the kind of talent that we havent dealt with before. His songs tell unique stories, in an uplifting and yet such calming ways, that surely will give rise to your soul.

For the end we can only say that the big future lies ahead for Dmitry and his Sound Apparel project!


Victoria Aitken

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Victoria Aitken love writing dance songs and has now four times, in a row been the UK dance charts.

Summer 2010 her song Sunshine, remixed by Playaz audio and superstar Dj- The Scumfrog reached number 7 in the music week club charts. And in the same month, her song Flirt in a skirt, sexy skirt went to 24 , remixed by Hungarian star Dj Tom Noize. Last summer her electro house single “I’ll Be Your B***h” reached no.6 in the DMC European Club charts, number 5 in the UK dance charts, and number 13 in the Music week charts.

Daisy in November went to number 20 in the Music Week UK pop charts. Most of her songs have been play on radio stations around the world. Victoria is currently working on her first album, having recently completed the five singles, Sunshine, Flirt in a skirt (Sexy Skirt), Daisy, “I’ll be your b***h ” as a follow up to the tongue in cheek recession anthem “Vikki from the Yacht”.

Her songwriting abilities have received note in magazines such as The New York Times, NewYork Magazine, Vogue, GQ, XXL, W Magazine, Elle , The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, , Hot magazine Spain, the Cyprus mail and many others.


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Tuklan is actually 2 brothers – Famous T. and Massiv Rex, who are well-known in the Ragga-scene throughout Europe. They have already made several productions with Tomekk and belong to the posse which includes Julian Marley, Ras Kimono, Beenie Man, Anthony B, Jimi Blue, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Alpha Blondy, J-Status, 112 , DJ Tomekk, DJ BO.

Tuklan’s biggest buddy is the king of Jamaican Reggae-Dancehall Beenie Man.

Beenie Man is considered to be the founder of the Dancehall sound, which is currently the sound of worldwide floorfillers and No. 1 Hits for a number of acts (including Pit Bull, Sean Kingston, Big Ali, Bob Sinclair etc.).

Beenie Man has had countless No. 1 Hits in the United States with, amongst others, Wyclef Jean and even Janet Jackson. By the way – Beenie Man was the person who discovered Sean Paul six years ago!

Tuklan and Beenie Man have brought in the singer Firetime for “One Time” who, with his amazing reggae voice, sings the hook in such a catchy style that he makes the track unforgettable.

Look for their current single featuring Lori Glori “Jump” out now!

Rita Campbell

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Rita Campbell got into the music industry at a very young age by singing on demos for various producers in various studios all over the UK. She soon built herself a very strong reputation for her studio / live session work and songwriting.

Rita had worked with many major artists such as The Brand New Heavies, Carleen Anderson, Michael McDonald, Westlife, Jools Holland, Steps, D:Ream, Lemon Jelly, Sly & Robbie, Dave Gilmore(Pink Floyd), Roger Taylor(Queen), Delta Goodrum, Toploader, Kenny Thomas, Kavana, to name but a few….

Rita also wrote the ‘Steps’ UK No 1 hit ‘Stomp’ (Jive Records) . Recently she has been writing with Stonebridge (1st & 2nd Albums) Morjac (‘Love just found me’ – Tokyo Project) Tony Mortimer (east 17), Joey Musaphia , Sweetie Irie (Gorillaz), Chris Kaeser, Christian Alvarez , Avalon Superstar, Ian Carey, Jon Pearn (Bodyrox & Full intention), Kid Massive, Dj Bomba, Nighstylers, Adam F, JMajik & Wickaman, Jan Kincaid (The Brand New Heavies), Tim Laws (Lighthouse Family), Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue) Ben Hirst (La Roux) Marc JB (Bimbo Jones)and many more….

She has written for 3 library albums (Vocal FM -BMG Zomba) & Vocals 2 (Atmosphere) and Go – Pop (Atmosphere) and is currently writing for various projects on major labels in US and Europe.

Rita has been the lead featured vocalist on some great house tracks over the last few years. She has worked on various projects including Stonebridge’s 1st album on Hed Kandi , Chris Bangs ‘Warm Weather’ on INC-redible, ‘You know how to love me’ on Hed Kandi, the fantastic cover version of Linda Clifford’s ‘Runaway Love’ on Azuli, The Montanas ‘Love Just Found Me’ on Tokyo Project, a new cover version of The Brand New Heavies ‘Spend some time’ on Kidology, a brand new project with Soul Seekerz and Dirty Vegas ‘Avalon Superstar’, Steve Mac and Teamsters. She has also worked on many collaborations with Full Intention’s/ Bodyrox Jon Pearn for their Pearn & Campbell project on Essence Records, Joey Musaphia ‘Love will find a way’ on Refunkt Records, Chris Kaeser ‘Make you Rush’ released on Stoney boy & ‘U Must’ on D-tracks, Ian Carey ‘Tonight’ to be released on Global, Stonebridge’s brand new album ‘Music Takes Me’ featuring on ‘A love thing’ and co-writing 2 other tracks and a fantastic new electro version of Delerium’s ‘In this Silence’ produced by Paul Emanuel (Haji & Emanuel) and Gav McCall (Born to Dance) released on Data Records (Ministry of Sound).

‘Close to heaven’ was released from StoneBridge’s 2nd album and has great reactions in clubs, reaching No 3 UK Club Chart.

Rita is also the lead and featured vocalist on the J. Majik & Wickaman single ‘Crazy World’ which was released on Ministry Of Sound’s label DATA and was a huge club and radio hit (UK Top 40) The latest project Rita is singing on a brand new album called ‘UnClubbed’ – ‘Where love lives’ is a fantastic acoustic cover version of the classic Alison Limerick track. UnClubbed is riding high in the iTunes chart and getting rave reviews.

Latest releases include: Ex Da Bass Ft Rita Campbell – ‘No More Lonely Nights’ on Microphone Records (Video already available to view on youtube) – Rita performed the track on live TV at the Latvian Music awards in April. A collaboration with Patrick Hagenaar (Rita wrote the topline) called ‘Restraining Order’ (Patrick Hagenaar Ft Rita Campbell released on Spinnin’ Records. Soda Records will be releasing Rita’s brilliant cover of the Inner Life classic – ‘Caught up (in a one night love affair) with Chris Tall and just signed to Soda Records – There’s a re-release of Runaway Love 2011, already on Hed Kandi’s Miami world series with a great new mix from Sam Young and Prok & Fitch – A brand new version of Rita’s huge track with Chris Bangs – ‘Warm Weather’ to be released on Ispirato Music in July 2011….Plus the brand new track written with Marc JB (Bimbo Jones) ‘Let it Go’ – getting amazing club and radio reaction all over the world!