Chris Cox (USA)

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Chris Cox – record producer, remixer, DJ, mix engineer, and multi-instrumentalist – is one of the most talented and successful dance music artists in the United States. With a regular rotation of sold-out international DJ performances and studio productions that yield nothing but chart-topping hits, Chris Cox is a symbol of the superstar power in dance music today.


There are few who have done more for dance music and the DJ industry than Chris Cox. With a discography of more than 400 productions, remixes, mix compilations, and a string of 43 #1 Billboard Dance Club Hits, this Nevada native has left a permanent mark. Certainly more than any other producer, Chris Cox is defined by his stand-out remixes that have made him a global phenomenon.



Chris comments, “Until recently, most of my time in the studio has been spent on reinterpreting the work of other artists. Now, I am spend more time interpreting my own music via songwriting and original production. While I still love synth programming, making beats, and mixing, I dedicate much more time to playing guitars and using the studio as a vehicle to explore my own musical vision and twisted sense of humor.”



Rising to prominence in the late 90’s as one-half of the remix/production duo Thunderpuss, Chris Cox has mixed tribal-tipped rhythms into the potent vocals of artists like Madonna, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Shakira, Janet Jackson, and the Pet Shop Boys.



In 2004 Cox received a Best Dance Recording GRAMMY Nomination for his co-production of the Cher song “Love One Another.” He was also a two-time IDMA Award winner in 2000 and 2002 for “Remixer of the Year,” and the recipient of the IDMA Award for “Best Underground 12” Dance Record For The Year 2001”.



As a solo-artist Cox continues to create mind-blowing mixes for such chart-topping artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Rhianna, Fall Out Boy, Kelly Osbourne, Celine Dion, and vocal legend Shirley Bassey. In 2008 Cox produced and remixed the #1 Billboard Electronic Album “Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party” for Disney sensation Hannah Montana.


Out of the studio Chris Cox is a world-class DJ who has logged over 2 ½ million miles headlining parties, festivals and residencies performing his signature celebratory, bigger-than-life sets in nightlife capitals such as Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Prague, London, Las Vegas, New York City, Mexico City, Montreal, Chicago, and Atlanta.


As a musical entertainer in the role of the DJ, Cox adapts a unique and personal musical journey for every venue, crowd, and night. The drums are incredibly important and incredibly varied. From primal tribal-rhythms to rattling militant-stompers, these beats provide the backbone of his boundary-breaking and chance-taking mixes. His musical vision is translated to the dance floor via a format of spectacular live programming, Chris Cox productions, and subliminally sexy arrangements that surpass expectations and surprise even the most seasoned dance music lover. Clubs that made an impact on his sound include Nation in D.C., Universe in San Francisco, and Crobar in Miami. As Chris recalls, “Those particular clubs had the entire show, the entire vibe, and everything was just perfect.”


Chris’ dedication to delivering an unforgettable night is indisputable. He knows when and how to play the funk out of a record, how to summon the soul from a crowd, and how to provide the attitude and magic they desire, crave, and deserve!


Amrick Channa (UK)

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London/Kent based Amrick Channa, is a Vocalist and Topline writer in the Soulful/Funky/Electro House music field. His unique and distinctive soulful powerhouse style of singing is courtesy of the various divas he grew up listening to whether its disco or vocal house. A huge influence on his powerhouse singing is his mentor Lisa “Bad Habit” Millett! He has performed to huge audiences over the past few years at Miami WMC in South Beach at Barbara Tucker’s party amongst many others. He has performed live for brands and venues such as Hed Kandi, Stereo Sushi, Ministry of Sound, Pacha London as well countries such as Dubai, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy and Russia! He has hosted parties & been interviewed for Miami Fashion Week TV as well as Russian MTV! Amrick is the original rave kid from back in the day (Dubai Time Out interview). He has a true sense of what House music should encapsulate as he has ridden the crest of the wave from Acid House thru to Funky and soulful and electro and back again! He always gets the crowd rocking in his live performances with his powerful voice! He is also available to bring a DJ with him!


Amrick has recently signed tracks to Richard Grey’s label and also Pacha Recordings Ibiza along with Miss Moneypenny’s UK. He also has tracks signed for release on labels in the USA, UK & Europe. His track with the Cookie Monsterz, which is featured on the Ministry of Sound/Hed Kandi compilation CD – Stereo Sushi Vol.10 gave him huge exposure as a powerful house music vocalist! Amrick’s collaboration with Italy’s Black Legend/Jackie Reverse on the track “In the heat of the night” made it onto Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio One. That track along with Hindu Summer were broadcast on Kiss FM amongst others and were hits all across Europe! His work with Slovenian super DJ Angel Anx was featured in the Top 10 dance hits of the USA DMC Charts! His current release on Pacha Recordings Ibiza has been supported by Roger Sanchez, Danny Rampling, Lewes Dene, Marc Porcelli, amongst many others!


Amrick enjoyed new found success in the UK & European dance charts with his hit “Hindu Summer” which was his collaboration with Manchester’s Jason Herd (of Herd & Fitz). Other collaborations followed with who’s who of House music royalty from Italy’s Black Legend/J-Reverse, US DJ Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), London’s DJD Hydraulic Dogs (Shake it baby), Breakbeat maestro’s Deekline & Wizard. Whilst forthcoming projects include collaborations with the legendary Sandy Rivera (Kings of Tomorrow/Defected), Pete Heller, LAY Records boss DJ Dealer and Paris DJ Kid Massive amongst many others!


Amrick has performed at the Miami Dance Music Conference every year since 2006. He has performed at Pacha London, Ministry of Sound, The Supperclub, London Pride at Trafalgar Square, Cafe de Paris, The White House, The AKA bar, The Tabernacle and Camden’s Electric Ballroom to name but a few. Forthcoming gigs include Miami, Dubai, Russia, Ibiza, Italy, Paris and London. In 2010 Roger Sanchez supported all of Amrick’s releases with different producers and labels, on his Release Yourself Radio show! And Amrick’s track with Angel Anx “who decides” went into the top 10 of the USA DMC Charts!!! He always gets the crowd rocking in live performances! And is available to bring a DJ with him too!

Liam Shachar (Israel)

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Liam Shachar began his musical journey at the young age of 13 with a pair of turntables and a DJ Mixer. He began performing in clubs around his hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel at the age of 16. By the age of 19, Liam had worked for a local DJ record store, had 2 radio shows and was performing regularly as a DJ. In his early 20’s Liam began to experiment with music production, which led him to his first single release, “The Creation,” on George Acosta’s Grooveman Records.

 In 2000, Liam relocated to Miami and started performing in local clubs, such as Shadow Lounge and Billboard Live while releasing singles on various record labels around the world. His music productions start gaining support from top DJ’s such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Sasha and John Digweed. In 2003, he was invited by Basswalk Records to play at the world-renowned Ultra Music Festival as a headliner for the label’s stage. Liam’s big brake came in 2004 when he was personally picked by Paul Oakenfold to be the newest artist of his Perfecto Records imprint. Under the Perfecto label, Liam remixed some of the label’s biggest talents including singles from Oakenfold himself. He also remixed David Guetta’s “The World Is Mine,” which was released on Ultra Records. In 2005, Liam came across a singer by the name of Joe Echo and remixed his song, “On All My Sundays.” The remix gain huge support in the dance music industry and was immediately picked up by Oakenfold for his ”Perfecto Vegas” album. The success of the remix led Liam to record another song with Echo named “The Waves” which was later featured in Jonathan Lynn’s 2010 film “Wild Target.”

 In 2007 Liam started his own record label, “Inner Logic Records,” and released his first full artist album entitled “Perfect World.” The album, a continuous mix of his own productions, received outstanding reviews in music magazines worldwide.

 Today Liam lives in Miami, Florida. He is currently recording a second artist album and performs as a DJ in clubs and festivals around the world.


David Noakes (UK)

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David Noakes is a British dance music producer and House DJ. As well as his own productions, David often collaborates and writes for other artists and is also a songwriter for pop artists.

David has been involved with music from a very early age and has had various record contracts under several aliases. 2011 saw the launch of the David Noakes brand with 2011 as a test year building contacts and working on collaborations. This led to several projects with successful chart topping stars such as Paul Hardcastle as “Full Circle” Maxine Hardcastle, Andrea Britton and Kay Jay. David operates from his own studio in his home town of Brighton, England-home to many well known dance music producers. David completes all stages of his work from writing and production to mixing and mastering. DJ and remix work is also carried out on a weekly basis.

After around 12 of his own releases during 2011, David is now working on a range of new releases for 2012.

D.O.N.S (Germany)

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German DJ/Producer and label owner D.O.N.S. has established himself as one of the most innovative, unique, and exciting figures in the dance music Industry. From his solo productions to his bootlegs and covers to his highly sought-after remixes, D.O.N.S. studio output is an ever impressive slew of crafted gems for the dancefloor.

Oliver Goedicke, aka D.O.N.S. got digged very early into the music by his radio host uncle. Age 12, he started collecting vinyls and a few years later playing at private parties which he organized himself. His unlimited knowledge of music got him a position as a salesman at a notable records store, which ended up throwing branded parties. One night, the resident DJ called in sick which gave the opportunity to Ollie to replace him, even though he had never touched a professional set up before. Still he was so successful that he was offered a residency every weekend.

Later on, he moved to New York for half a year, where he got fully infected with the House Music virus, going to legendary Tunnel and World, listening to Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry or Adiva performing one of the first big gigs of her successful career. He quickly realized that music was his life and instead of keeping most of his earnings to finance his studies, he actually spent it on buying more and more vinyls. These were the first steps of the crazy genius monster of production!

Founding the Hard House/Hard Trance DJ/Producer duo Warp Brothers with his music partner Jürgen Dohr in 1999 was his career booster. Thanks to worldwide hits such as We Will Survive and Phat Bass (Blade), his success reached an immeasurable level at a breathtaking speed. He quickly got to play live for dozens of thousands of frenetic techno and Warp Brothers fans.

In 2005, Oliver decided to become D.O.N.S. in order to focus on a softer side of House music. During a couple of years, Oliver was working on D.O.N.S. productions from 9 to 5pm and touring as a Warp Brother from 9 to 5am. Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hide lasted until Oliver found his passion and happiness in the D.O.N.S. project releasing a few hits such as legendary Pump Up the Jam, Big Fun and The Nighttrain, all topping mainstream and dance charts around the Globe and propelling him to the rank of an A-list DJ/Producer.

From John Dahlback’s Blink and Everywhere, to Kid Cudi’s Day ‘n’ Nite, Roger Sanchez’s Release Yoself or Ron Carroll’s Lucky Star, many international hits owe their success to his remixes, giving him the recognition of the remixer the most in demand in the world.

On show, his technique and energy have set the fire in prestigious clubs and festivals impressive crowds such as over 300,000 people in Valencia. Bootlegging and mash-upping, live for shows, or especially edited for his radio show, his performances are always a not to be missed one of a kind. With over 20 million daily listeners on 60 radio stations in 30 countries, D.O.N.S. IN THE MIX is carefully prepared by D.O.N.S. himself every single week, with the most exclusive, undiscovered and up-to-date sound, all edited for the purpose of the show.

Besides his busy DJ and production schedule, he still devotes some of his time to manage one of the EDM scene’s most exciting and forward-thinking labels, Kingdom Kome Cuts aka KKC, and discover new talents. He is also an active international Ambassador for HIV/AIDs charity Dance4Life, a role he shares alongside artists such as Tiësto and Fedde Le Grand.

Sammy Sobel (USA)

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Sammy Sobel


Sammy Sobel who is the Vice President of Sobel Nation is the one who keeps the CEO calm during difficult times. The voice of reason, Sammy is often called upon to defuse difficult situations and to restore order during turbulent times.  When a Sobel Nation member wants an opinion you often hear the statement “What will Sammy want, do or think?”

While Barbara Sobel is the head of Sobel Promotions and Sobel Nation, Sammy is the driving force behind the whole company, and the company would not stand without him. He is the one who constantly pushes to expand Sobel Nation, because expansion means more toilet paper rolls for him to destroy.

Sammy is Corona Virus Positive on both titer levels. Corona Virus is the Virus thought to cause FIP a deadly disease in cats for which there is no cure. There is no vaccine or preventative measures that can be taken. 95 % of cats with Corona Virus stay healthy. 5% develop FIP, and it is an automatic death sentence.  Nothing can be done.   Sammy has a very strong strain of the Corona Virus.

Sammy is treated by “The Vet To The Animal Stars” Dr. Wyler at Trylon Vet Care (68-60 Austin Street, Store #8, Forest Hills, NY 11375 – 718-275-1800). Please get your cat tested for Corona Virus. While there is no cure, you can do things to keep your cat’s immune system strong.  Sammy gets well exams every three months, and bloodwork whenever recommended by Dr. Wyler.

Sammy recently was bitten by the recording bug and went into the studio by international DJ – DJDavyC and recorded his first single “Kat Scratch,” a single that left the music community in disbelief.  Never had they heard such a song before.   Sammy is presently in the studio with DJ DavyC working on his follow up single.

France Joli

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France Joli


On July 17, 1979, an unknown, 16-year-old French Canadian female vocalist named France Joli performed her new single Come to Me for the first time before a throng of 5,000 on Fire Island at a benefit now infamously known as Beach 79. Joli left the stage a star and became a media darling who appeared in all the popular publications and on all the hot TV shows of the day. Come to Me became a smash hit that sold 3 million copies globally, rose to number one on disco charts around the world, and reached number 15 on Billboard magazine’s pop chart. Befitting this fairytale, Joli portrayed Cinderella in the 1980 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. More than 32 years following that incredible debut, Joli still performs Come to Me and subsequent hits such as Gonna Get Over You, The Heart to Break the Heart, and Feel Like Dancing on the dance music circuit. Predominantly booked in New York City and Miami, she draws a crowd at every performance. Even those of a younger generation—who may not know her by name—realize they’re fans of Come to Me once they hear Joli’s first few bars. Her new single, a dance cover of Leonard Cohen’s iconic ballad Hallelujah, which Joli produced is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc. The song’s music video—which was shot in the High Desert of Southern California near Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park—is coming soon. Remixes have been done courtesy of Julian Marsh. More are to come.



Julian Marsh (USA)

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Julian’s interest in music goes back to his childhood where he attempted to play just about every instrument in his school orchestra. He focused on the violin, but also grew to love brass instruments, such as the trumpet. Along the way Julian taught himself to play the piano and the harmonica.
In 1994, Julian was asked to DJ a private party in a one bedroom apartment in New York City for a friend. Julian had never Deejay’d before, but because of his love for dance music, he agreed. A New York City club promoter heard Julian, and asked him to become a resident DJ at the Limelight in New York. That was the start of Julian’s DJ career.

In 1996 Julian was asked to DJ his first Circuit Party in Austin, Texas. Other Circuit Parties quickly followed, and Julian became one of the top Circuit DJs in the world playing such events as: Winter Party Miami, Black and Blue Montreal, Halloween New Orleans, Saint At Large New York, Red Party Columbus,etc.

Also, in 1996, Julian attended the Miami Winter Music Conference. While having lunch, a record company executive asked Julian to produce his first dance remix, Lonnie Gordon’s “If You Really Love Me”. With no experience Julian began his self taught career as a music producer, and has now worked with many artists including: Dolly Party, Boy George, LeAnn Rimes, Whitney Houston, Erin Hamilton, Norma Lewis, Linda Clifford, Charo, Pepper Mashay, Kristine W, and Jenna Drey.

Julian was asked to produce his first CD compilation in 1997. Since then Julian has produced one CD for Rhino Records, 20 compilations for Centaur Entertainment, and one CD for Red Wallet Records.
In 2001, Julian developed a friendship with music composers, Jan Pulsford and Charles Green. Jan, Julian and Charles formed a collaboration known as JaJuCha, and continue to write and produce music.

Julian has never been attracted to the darker styles of music, but prefers happy up-beat, groovy, disco, house, Latin, and gospel inspired rhythms. Today, Julian resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he continues to DJ and produce music.

Matt Consola (USA)

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Over the last 20+ years, I’ve had an exciting career primarily as a “Circuit DJ” as well as a record label owner and producer. And while the term “circuit” may not be a favorable one these days, I would not trade those events or experiences with anyone. I look back at my days as a resident DJ at Metropolis (SF), Crobar (Miami & Chicago), and Pure/Amsterdam (Denver), and I’m still amazed by the crowds, the events, and most of all, the music. Not to mention I loved the traveling.

In just a few short years, this kid who had never left the country, suddenly found himself playing to thousands in England, Ireland, Greece, Mexico and Canada. Not to mention headlining some of the biggest International Street Events, Raves and Circuit parties including our own San Francisco & Los Angeles Pride Fairs as well as The Folsom Street Fair, Up Your Alley and the Palm Springs White Party and the Black Party just to name a few. And along the way, I made some great friendships – one of whom I went into business with and formed our label, Redzone Records, the other I signed to the label–and both have become like family.

Nowadays, while I never turn down a great gig, like the fantastic March 2010 gig at the Los Angeles House of Blues, I spend most of my time on the West Coast spinning weekly in my hometown of San Francisco, as well as up and down the coast in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. Recently, I had the honor of opening for The Pet Shop Boys at the historic Warfield Theather for their sold out Pandemonium World Tour September 22nd & 23rd 2009. What an amazing two nights. And what an honor to have been asked. And locally, whether it’s playing every Friday to that “new generation” at Boy Bar in the Castro, or playing my regular big room club events like Sanctuary, Adonis and Bearracuda, one thing remains constant – I love music and I love playing it for you.

Bimbo Jones (House Of Sobel) (UK)

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Bimbo Jones began when DJ Lee Dagger made studio partners with Marc JB. Lee’s background began in 1984 after tuning into the New York Hip Hop Breakdancing scene. He began DJ’ing in 1991 after being drawn into the legendary house sets of his favourites DJ Sasha, Carl Cox and Massive Attack at those now infamous free parties. Meanwhile, “JB” started out playing thrash guitar in underground clubs, before becoming the accomplished multi-instrumentalist he is today. Together they have rapidly become one of the UK & U.S # 1 remix production teams having reworked the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, The Killers, Kylie, Keri Hilson, Kayne West & Ne-Yo, The Pussycat Dolls, Usher, Tom Jones and Annie Lennox to name but a few. They’ve also been nominated for the last 3 years at the Miami Winter Music Conference for best remixer and are currently in the running for best remixer at the Radio FG Awards being held in Monaco in 2 weeks time for their production skills on Lady Gaga “Alejandro”.

They’re also posed to hit their 70th Club Chart # 1 and have sat at the top of the UK Commercial Chart #1 spot for two consecutive weeks with their co-production skills on Meck ft Leo Sayer “Thunder In My Heart Again”. They were also co-producers alongside the legend that is Sergio Mendes on his 2010 Latin Grammy award winning album “Bon Tempo” awarded Best Brazilian Contemporary Pop Album and 2010 Grammy nominee for Best Contemporary World Music Album.

Having originally started off songwriting for artists within the 19 Entertainment group they are writing worldwide with artists old and new and are also in the process of co-writing their next album with Sergio Mendes, Gram’ma Funk, Cyko Logic, Katherine Ellis, Angie Brown Beverley Knight and Cyndi Lauper. They’re working with Cyndi Lauper on the score for a Broadway Musical.

Lee, the front man DJ of Bimbo Jones has played alongside some of the Worlds biggest names including Paul Oakenfold, Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Bob Sinclair, Martin Solveig, Ultra Nate, Danny Tanaglia, Louie Vega Judge Jules and has enjoyed residencies at Pacha London, Space @ the Cross, L’amour, Chuff Chuff, Serious, headlining Sydney Mardi Gras and playing twice the greatest festivial of them all, Glastonbury. Tours have included Miss Moneypennys, Smirnoff, Miami calling, and Slinky. He’s rocked dancefloors all over the World including Ibiza, Monaco, Miami WMC & the U.S, Hong Kong, Poland, Holland, South Africa, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, France, Czech republic, Russia and Siberia to name just a few.