Coco Star

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Coco Star (also known as just Coco) is a UK based Gospel Vocalist signed to Universal Music and EMI.

Her most notable work to date is as the Vocalist of “I need a Miracle” released by EMI/Positiva in 1997. This track is also known worldwide under the guise of “Toca’s Miracle” which was a Number 1 hit in 14 Countries worldwide in 2000. Toca’s Miracle is the result of splicing tracks from two separate entities, namely Fragma (the German based Electronica group) and their Hit “Toca Me”; and “I need a Miracle” which was initially written for solo artist Coco, by Universal Music Publishing writers Victor Imbres and Rob Davis in 1994.Coco has never been part of the Fragma Group, and remains to this day a Solo artist with a wide array of Songs ranging from Dance,two step Garage to out and Out Gospel.

Coco Star’s Vocals can also be heard on the 2008 remix of “Toca’s Miracle” re-released by Fragma. As again it uses the Vocal parts from Coco’s signed release of “I need a Miracle”. The 2008 Remix was released by EMI/Positiva in April 2008, it topped the charts in several countries, got to #2 in Australia and #16 in the UK. It is acknowledged as one of the top 5 biggest Dance anthems ever.

Coco Star is an accomplished songwriter, also signed to Universal Music Publishing for her works, including “It Ain’t Enough” which features on the Artful Dodgers album “Its all about the Stragglers”, this version features Coco’s Vocals. ‘It Ain’t Enough’ was a top 20 hit for the Artful Dodger in 2001 but featured a different Vocalist.

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