Karin Nagi

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A descendant from a tribal chief of a very old Arab tribe from her fathers side. She traveled around the world, always knew she wanted to be a singer and in Switzerland, at the age of 16 she started singing in an all round band.

Being brought up between rich and famous like princes, sheihks, and living in 5star-hotels, the adventures kept going on and never stopped, became part of her life.

In 2005 she survived by a miracle a huge car-accident, and decided to start writing her autobiography, and is currently negiotiating for the filmrights in the USA. She followed lessons/schools in modern (pop/rock) as well as classic techniques. She studied and is known with every method, and has created her own style. She performed all over the world, sang and participated in many studio’s and productions.

Karin is a specialized vocal/mental coach, teaches for international agencies, and did a workshop October 2009 with James Lugo (American Idols).

As soon as she discovered house/dance music, she couldn’t resist the strong beats, rhythms and melodies, and hooked up with producers like Piet Bervoets (Rank 1), Carlo Resoort (4 Strings), Benno de Goeij (Dutchforce), John Marks and scored numerous international hits.

Some of Karin’s highlights in the 90´s were Booby Trax (worldwide top10 hit with ‘Don’t go’) LA Style, Aura, and many more.. She co-wrote for Nakatomi and other acts. In November 2010 she started Karin Nagi Music, and is guiding new talented singers, groups and composers into the start of a prosperous career.

Having been a member of the group Maitai for 2 years she got the idea to cover one of their greatest hits. In the summer of 2010 ´History 2010´ was released in the UK, and includes remixes of Loverush UK!, Soulshaker UK, Sted E & Hybrid Heights NY, and Block & Crown. The result was a # 2 in Upfront clubcharts and # 1 in Media2radiocharts, top 10 in dance charts in USA.

With her producer/co-writer Jeroen ‘Big Dawg’ Nap you can find her regularly in the studio writing and recording little beauties which will be released in 2012! She teamed up with Block & Crown with super results such as ‘Shake it up tonight’ (top 10 USA Hott list and top 10 UK clubcharts), ‘All 4 your love’ which is one of her own compositions, and out now as well as ‘Heart desire’ with Dj Ruby from Malta, and her group Beluga with a great cover coming up and many more will follow!


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